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Tianchen Commercial Consultancy is a business consulting company.  Our services include: business management consulting, corporate registration agency, financial management and consultation for foreign personnel working in China.  We provide legal employment and residency for overseas employees from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as their family members who are working in Shanghai and other cities.  We help enterprises and government collaborate and our operations are in line with the latest and most relevant national policies.  We help the company’s HR reduce their workload.  Clients find us dependable, precise and easy to work with.  Moreover, we handle overseas Chinese investment and business visas. Our other services include handling bad debts for Chinese companies and persons overseas in the USA, as well as seeking debt repayment from customers at home and abroad.


Risk control advice for foreigners who set up and operate a business within China:

1. Risk control advice for employee labor contracts, company management regulations, company external business agreements/contracts.

2. Provide answers to legal questions regarding the Chinese court system and the processing of written documents by foreign personnels in China, as well as the provision of various legal advice and professional lawyers.

3. Audit support for the examination of written documents and legal information of various companies and individuals in China and the prevention of possible risks.

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